We are proud of what we have achieved and we hope that you are as pleased with the result as we are.


we grow everyday

We Are Tea was born in 2007 when we opened the doors of our teashop near St. Paul’s Cathedral in the heart of London. Although the teashop has since closed, it has enabled us to concentrate on perfecting our bespoke tea blends and infusion method with the help of real customer feedback. We use this knowledge to ensure our growing number of direct, retail and food service customers get the most out of tea.

Our attention to detail has won We Are Tea friends in high places and we are stocked in some of the most prestigious retailers in the world including Whole Foods Market. You can also find our teas in a constantly increasing number of Tesco’s locations in the UK, small shops, restaurants, cafes and bars

we collect awards

We have been awarded 46 Great Taste Awards in only seven years and won the award of 2009 Best Performance by a First Time Entrant. An impressive haul that confirms that our policy of sourcing direct from the best tea gardens on the planet is the way forward. We are always seeking for more blends that would pamper your taste buds. By always sourcing for quality over price or volume we know we are bringing you the best tea possible, and our efforts have been rewarded with all of these gold stars.


we partner with great, innovative companies

Here are just a few of our collaborations, contact us if you want to be part of a new exciting joint project.

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