Our journey into the wonderful world of speciality tea started way back in 2007 when we opened a tea shop in the shadow of St Paul's Cathedral in central London. Our vision was to celebrate the British love affair with tea and to create a space where our customers could drink tea, eat cake and enjoy a moment, either alone or with friends, away from the of the hustle and bustle of the City. Thankfully, lots of people agreed with us and we had five fantastic years of serving loose leaf teas to our exceptionally loyal customers. 

tea shop

Although the tea shop no longer exists, it is part of our heritage and its spirit lives on in all that we do - we are still celebrating the British love affair with tea and still using design, innovation and collaborations to break down the barriers to speciality tea. In addition, most of our award-winning blends that we perfected with the help of our loyal customers at the tea shop are still putting smiles on people's faces today. 

It's been an incredible journey from our tea shop to Tesco (et al) filled with many highs, and some lows, and what we can say without fear of contradiction, is that there is little that a good cup of tea and sympathetic ear can't fix. 


We are very proud of what we've achieved and we hope that you enjoy the results. Your comments, good are bad, are always welcome so please do get in touch. 

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