Our story

The adventure began in Hungary, 2006 when founders, Spence and Suze were on holiday. Suze fell ill early on, we’re not talking life or death poorly, more like ‘full of cold'. Stumbling upon a tea room, they sought respite in a cup of Moroccan Mint tea. This simple daily pleasure inspired a bigger idea - to democratize great tea

Our tea shop opened its doors in 2007 just outside St Paul’s Cathedral. The business took off, life was good. 

5 years on just as we were looking to open up a second tea shop, Occupy London hit and as a result of vandalism and theft, the shop sadly closed. But all was not lost, from this experience and our customer’s requests for great whole-leaf tea in their homes, our retail business was born. Yay!

Today there’s 6 of us working to get you a great cuppa wherever you are. So whether you wanna get loose or bag it up, get the kettle on, we have a whole leaf tea perfect for you.