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Get infused with loose leaf tea

With our Simplicitea Tea Infuser, opting for loose leaf over tea bags is easier than ever. The system is as simple as 4 easy steps and makes a great cup of tea every time. 

Loose leaf tea isn't constrained by a tea bag so our whole leaves get to stretch out in all their glory. This means a number of great benefits for you: 

  • Fully brewed tea in shorter amount of time because the tea leaves can expand and absorb more water, as well as allow more water to flow through. A tea bag constrains the leaves and so will take longer to extract the same flavour.
  • More 'healthy stuff' gets extracted. Because more water is flowing through the leaves, more vitamins and minerals are likely to end up in your cup of tea.
  • Your friends will be in awe at the amazing display in front of their eyes as the dried up leaves come to life inside the infuser, and you will be thought of as a true connoisseur of fine things seeming worldly and desirable.

Discover how it works and watch the tea leaves dance with our YouTube video