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A cup of tea with....Tess Ward

This month we sit down with the lovely Tess Ward, a Le Cordon Blue trained chef, food writer and author.  Her first cookbook ‘The Naked Diet’ celebrates unprocessed ‘naked’ ingredients and her recipes aim to nourish both the body and the taste buds.

1) You’re known as the ‘Yes Chef’ can you tell us a bit about your approach to food?  
My approach to food is pretty relaxed. Generally I encourage anyone to focus more on eating colourful vegetables and home cooked food - increasing the amount of goodness they take in then giving anything up. The odd biscuit with a cup of tea certainly won't kill you though.

2) Do you have any top tips for incorporating tea into cooking?
Tea can be used in many different ways in the kitchen. I like to smoke meat over it. It's also lovely cooking porridge with orange and brewed earl grey. There is a recipe for that in my book.

3) Who would you most like to have a cup of tea with?
Stephen Fry

4) Who would you give your last teabag to?
Amy Winehouse - although she probably wouldn't drink it 

5) What can you do in just 90 seconds (whilst your tea is brewing)?

Eat half a pack of Kallo chocolate rice cakes