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A cup of tea with....Alex Proud

For our June feature we had a cuppa with the founder of Proud Galleries and Proud Camden, Alex Proud. 

We know you're a super busy guy, so how do you find the best way to relax between organising exhibitions, running Proud Camden, being a Dealer on a Channel 4 show and writing for the Telegraph?

I drink a ridiculous amount of tea, 10 or more mugs a day. It is probably my biggest stress relief. Reading history obsessively and spending time with friends and kids. I am pretty social.

At Proud Galleries, you have some pretty big names in your collection of photography, out of all these people who would you most like to have a cup of tea with?

Rankin was one of my close friends. Mick rock tells some pretty awesome stories. Bailey is always vastly entertaining.

Who would you give your last tea bag to?

My children.

What can you do in 90 seconds (whilst your tea is brewing)?

Read one article in the economist.