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A cup of tea with…. Kate Hackworthy

Each month we sit down and have a cup of tea, a chat and maybe even a biscuit with a friend of We Are Tea.

This month, we talk all things baking and blogging with the lovely Kate Hackworthy, who has the award-winning blog Veggie Desserts. Kate’s obsession for baking with vegetables has not only seen her pick up Best Food Blog at the UK National Blog Awards but also be featured as a Jamie Oliver Blog of the Month.

1) Where do you get your baking inspiration from?
I love creating unique desserts and I often take inspiration for the flavours from soups or smoothies. If flavours, such as kale and orange, work well in a smoothie, I test them in cake recipes until I can get the right balance. I like to get the maximum vegetable into cakes, without actually tasting it!

2) What is your favourite tea to use in baking?
I love baking with smokey lapsang souchong. I’ve paired it with beetroot and chocolate and it adds a wonderful flavour dimension. I also love using the bergamot notes of Earl Grey in buttercream, in a tea loaf or to infuse truffles.

3) Who would you most like to have a cup of tea with?
My Dad. He lives on the other side of the world and I don’t get to see him very often.  

4) Who would you give your last teabag to?
My mum, for moving near to me in order to help my husband and I with our little ones, and so she could be a big part of their lives. 

5) What can you do in just 90 seconds (whilst your tea is brewing)?
I could probably send a few tweets on my phone and like some instagrams, but really, brewing tea should be a special time, a slow time. I’d prefer to just stand, think, look out of the window and smell the tea.

This month, the wonderful Kate got creative with our infusions teas. She developed three incredible recipes; these beautiful whole rose buds cupcakes with pistachio, these refreshing peppermint-infused chocolate mousses and this chamomile cake with salted honey buttercream. Visit our blog to get baking.