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A Chinese tea for Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year

2015 is the year of the sheep according to Chinese zodiac and starts from the 19th February.

With the Chinese New Year happening this month, we thought we would celebrate the event with a Chinese tea. Monkey Picked oolong is one of China's most famous tea.

It’s roasted at high temperatures, which creates great depth of flavour. It has a sweet peachiness combined with rich toasty and chocolate-like flavour.


Monkey Picked….Where does the name come from?

The legend goes to state that, a monk was picking tea leaves in a garden with his monkey, which started imitating him. The monkey climbed to the highest level of the tea plants to pick the youngest tea leaves that were unreachable by his master. The tea is cultivated in the Fujian Province in China.

Enjoy 20% off our Monkey Picked oolong this month and discover the taste of China’s legendary oolong tea.

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