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Perfect summer day

We all know that warm weather makes us happier. Nothing can lift our mood like blue skies and sunshine and lately we’ve been getting plenty of that. Here at we are tea we don’t like to let sunny days go to waste so we’ve developed some tips and tricks to make for the perfect summer day.

  • Find a garden or park - this is not the time to be sat indoors, soak up that vitamin C and fresh air and we guarantee you’ll feel amazing. Sunshine is not something to be viewed indoors. 
  • Friends - the warm weather makes spirits high and we bet your friends can make them even higher so find a pal and enjoy together. 
  • Food - preferably BBQ’d. Living in this country you never know when you might next get the chance, so fire up the BBQ while you can. We suggest plenty of burgers and chicken.
  • Drink - there’s only one thing missing from the perfect summer day and that’s a refreshing beverage to keep you cool. Here at We Are Tea, Super Berry Iced Tea is forever in our fridge through the summer and its the perfect accompaniment to sunshine, friends and food.

How to make a nice jug of cold brew super berry iced tea

  • Place 8 whole-leaf tea bags or 20g of Super Berry in a 1.5l jug
  • Add water
  • Infuse in fridge overnight
    or 4-6 hours at room temperature
  • Strain (or remove tea bags) and serve over ice

Buy the super berry tea now and get your summer day off to a super start.