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Our journey into the wonderful world of speciality tea started way back in 2007 when we opened a tea shop in the shadow of St Paul's Cathedral in central London. Our vision was to celebrate the British love affair with tea and to create a space where our customers could drink tea, eat cake and enjoy a moment, either alone or with friends, away from the of the hustle and bustle of the City. Thankfully, lots of people agreed with us and we had five fantastic years of serving loose leaf teas to our exceptionally loyal customers. 

tea shop

Although the tea shop no longer exists, it is part of our heritage and its spirit lives on in all that we do - we are still celebrating the British love affair with tea and still using design, innovation and collaborations to break down the barriers to speciality tea. In addition, most of our award-winning blends that we perfected with the help of our loyal customers at the tea shop are still putting smiles on people's faces today. 

It's been an incredible journey from our tea shop to Tesco (et al) filled with many highs, and some lows, and what we can say without fear of contradiction, is that there is little that a good cup of tea and sympathetic ear can't fix. 


We are very proud of what we've achieved and we hope that you enjoy the results. Your comments, good are bad, are always welcome so please do get in touch. 

We Are Spence & Suzy
We Are Tea
Nice to meet you 


we are whole leaf always

earl grey tea

We take pride in sourcing and hand-picking the finest tea leaves, and to grind them down would be almost criminal. Opposed to the Crush, Tear, Curl (CTC) way, we handle the whole-leaf teas, herbs and flowers very gently so they retain more of the essential oils that give our tea its delicious, full and complex flavour as well as allow increased health benefits. Our teas are available as reusable loose leaf tea caddies or pyramid whole-leaf tea bags, because we think that even the highest quality-seeker should be allowed to enjoy tea in a simple way. Our biodegradable corn starch tea bags offer all the space whole-leaves need to infuse properly and release its complex characteristics - thus, the convenience of a tea bag with all the taste of real whole-leaf tea.

we source teas from all over the world

ethical tea sourcing

We ethically and carefully source our teas direct from the best tea gardens around the world, which are mainly in China, India and Africa. We have traveled far and wide, selected quality ingredients and blended our own combinations, to bring you this eclectic range. 

our range

black tea

black tea
As a general rule, black teas have a higher caffeine content and depth of flavour than other types of tea. Black tea is withered by being left in warm air for up to 18 hours, then rolled to crush the cells and activate the oxidation process, and finally fired once the leaves are fully-oxidised.

oolong tea

oolong tea
Sitting somewhere between green teas and black teas, oolong teas are mainly grown in China and Taiwan. They're often the connoisseur's choice due to their lightness of touch coupled with complex flavours. The leaves are withered and then shaken every few hours to break cells and activate the oxidation process. The leaves are fired when they have reached semi-fermentation (from 30% to 75% oxidation).

green tea

green tea
Green tea, revered in the Far East for millennia, is finding new friends in the West and has become a permanent fixture on the UK tea scene. The leaves are unoxidised as they're exposed to heat (they are either roasted in wok-like pans or steamed) soon after picking to avoid the oxidation process, so are high in antioxidants and low in caffeine. As a general rule, green teas are much lighter than black teas. 

white tea

white tea
White teas are among the rarest in the world, only produced on a very limited scale. The young buds are traditionally plucked at daybreak while they are still sleeping (unopened) and are among the most carefully harvested and processed of all teas. White teas are unoxidised and usually naturally-dried, making them deliciously delicate. A real treat.

infusion tea

infusion tea
Not actually teas because fruit and herbal infusions are not from the tea plant (camellia sinensis) but they are delicious and we know that you love them so we had to include them. Our herbal and fruit infusions are naturally caffeine-free and often offer additional health benefits.

our values

We care not only about the quality of our products but also about ethics. We keep our values at the heart of everything we do, from plucking to distributing, and wish to share what’s important to us with you.


british tea

WE ARE BRITISH                                                                                                 

We're proud to be a UK based company and we know that our customers look to the UK as a trusted source for quality products and excellent value. We believe that a product's provenance is of the utmost importance and, being a small company, we like to try and support other UK based businesses as much as we can. We source material as close to home as possible as well as hand-pack our teas in the UK, by skilled persons from an independent manufacturer. At We Are Tea, encouraging the local economy is as important as raising standards in our tea sourcing countries.


We understand that the world of speciality tea can often be complex and daunting which is why we want to break down these barriers in order to make our tea more open and accessible to everyone. We believe our unique colour-coding system helps us to achieve this. Our range of loose leaf teas and whole-leaf bio degradable tea bags are organised into six colours to identify our six categories of tea. This helps customers to differentiate between the types of tea so that they can select a tea according to their mood and flavour preference with ease. Speciality tea doesn't need to be complicated, use our colour coding to find your perfect tea companion.  

tea leaves
contact the elderly


We’re pleased to announce that Contact the Elderly is our charity partner. We are happy to support this national organisation in tackling loneliness and social isolation among older people. Supported by a network of volunteers since 1965, Contact the Elderly organises monthly Sunday afternoon tea parties for small groups of older people aged 75 and over, who live alone, offering a regular and vital friendship link every month. Discover the specially-crafted darjeeling afternoon blend whose all profits go to the cause.


We try our best to help protect the environment and its future.

We think every little helps and always want to be as eco-friendly as possible in the office. We reuse our cardboard boxes to post out our orders, recycle with the assistance of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and make sure we use the kettle thoughtfully when boiling water for our delicious teas. We ship by sea wherever possible to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

Our loose tea come in tins and are reusable as our teas are also available in refill packs. We are pleased to provide you with 100% biodegradable corn starch whole-leaf teabags as well as teas and infusions made from all natural ingredients. We also supply our B2B customers with compostable takeaway cups from London Bio Packaging, which reduce their business’ environmental impact by saving carbon, and making packaging from plants that go back into the earth.

We guarantee that all our teas are free of genetically modified (GM) organisms and will continue to be so indefinitely. And finally, we don’t do decaf tea as the different methods used to remove caffeine from tea leaves contain chemical solvents such as methylene chloride and ethyl acetate or Co2, which raises environmental concerns.


ethical tea
ethical tea partnership


Our teas are great quality whilst also being ethically and carefully sourced, they are direct from growers and artisan producers around the world. All of whom are treated fairly and who have to meet strict specifications to become our partners. We take it upon ourselves to personally visit estate teas and build relationships with the local community. Being a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP), we try our best to look after those who grow and pluck the tea for us. This means all our teas are sourced from producers who belong to the monitoring and improvement programme that is the ETP.

The ETP is a not-for-profit membership organisation ensuring that tea producers and workers are supported. Together, we improve their well-being and environment as well as support, advise and train them to raise standards on tea estates and in tea processing factories; which result in better sustainability of tea supply chains.

We are helping to create a thriving tea industry that is socially just and environmentally sustainable by committing to facilitating certification, leading on strategic sustainability projects, ensuring rigorous health and safety standards, driving fair treatment of workers, supporting environmental management and increasing smallholder farmer’s resilience to climate change.

We are ethical, not organic. Why?

Many of you have asked us this question. Organic certification can be a real issue for the small farmers we are dealing with. First of all, not all producers can afford the costly process of being certified even though they are doing everything right. Second, this certification require that “the land that the crop is grown on must have been free of any prohibited substances for at least three years” and so a farmer that has not been using pesticide for two years cannot apply for the organic credentials.