black tea

Black tea is the most well-known and the most popular tea in the West. Indeed, it is often the only tea that many have encountered. As a general rule, black teas have a higher caffeine content and depth of flavour than other types of tea. The entire black tea range is available in loose leaf tea and our core black tea range is available in whole-leaf tea bags. Pick your favourite.


what are you looking for?

The loose leaf tea experience, quality and consistency,
cup after cup. To enjoy alone or with others.

You love rare teas, sometimes even the quirky flavours.
You love to discover new teas and have the choice.
You love taking the time to brew loose leaf tea.
You love a consistent cup of tea, always.
You love our simplicitea infuser.
You love sharing a pot of tea.

The convenience of a tea bag with all the taste
and health benefits of real whole-leaf tea.

You love tea in general, but convenience is key.
You love taking tea on trips or to the office.
You love a quickly made (but great) tea.
You love stirring a bag in your cup.
You love biodegradable tea bags.
You love 100% natural bags.