A rosy tea lassi

A rosy tea lassi

Our tea of the month this March is our Whole Rose Buds, an aromatic infusion.

Our beautiful whole rose buds release a euphoric flavour and aroma. Light and fragrant like a delicate perfume, this rose tea infusion is soothing, soft and refreshing. Beautiful and indulgent.

We made a moreish Indian-style rose lassi with these dried flowers from Iran.

Love Indian food ? Try our amazing rose lassi and pair it with your favourite curry. Ideal to help calm the fire in your mouth!


We Are Tea Whole Rose Buds
(to taste - 25g recommended)
40cl chilled milk
75cl cold plain yogurt
Sugar (to taste)
Grilled cardamom seeds/ ground cardamom (additional)
Ice cubes (additional)


Place rose buds in milk and leave to infuse in fridge overnight
After infusion, place in freezer and leave to chill for an hour
Strain the rose buds from infused chilled milk
Add the rose infused chilled milk to the yogurt and sugar
For additional spice, add some cardamom

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