Blackberry and Lavender Earl Grey Fizz

Blackberry and Lavender Earl Grey Fizz

It's blackberry season and us Brits are a sucker for a Bramble, so we wanted to make a delicious alcohol-free alternative for everyone to enjoy. The super talented Nourishing Amy has done just that using our Earl Grey loose tea and we can't wait for you to try it for yourself at home.

It's super simple to make, incredibly tasty, and refreshing in the warmer weather. 


Serves 4


2 tbsp earl grey supreme loose-leaf tea

1 litre just boiled water

12 sprigs fresh lavender

12 frozen blackberries

200ml sparkling water



  1. Pour the just boiled water over the tea leaves and allow to brew until cool – about 8 hours. Alternatively, use half the amount of boiling water and half cold water.
  2. Strain the tea, reserving the cool earl grey supreme tea.
  3. Pour the between 4 glasses and top with the sparkling water. Place 3 frozen blackberries in each glass and decorate with 3 sprigs each of lavender.


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