Dairy-free Options for Your Next Cuppa

Dairy-free Options for Your Next Cuppa

Milk has entered a new generation… udderless. It seems like you can now “milk” anything from rice to nuts, and we’re excited about the endless possibilities this entails for our cuppas.


Soya has already reached celeb status and you will find it on almost any hot bev menu. Slightly nutty, slightly sweet, soya is rich in protein and contains up to 75% more antioxidants than cow’s milk.

Verdict: We admit it’s a good match for coffee, but we’re not totally convinced about pairing it with tea. It has a creamy consistency but if we’re talking solely flavour, we found it a bit overpowering for our brew.



Oat milk tastes good and does good. It contains manganese, potassium, phosphorus, vitamins B, E, and A – who knew? Taste wise, it is sweet, mild and pleasant.

Verdict: We like the delicateness of oat milk, that is for certain. We've found that many oat milks settle at the bottom of the cup and make your tea appear watery, so not a great one if you want to show off your brew (which is something we all do, or is that just us?) BUT we have found that Oatly does wonders & most of the time doesn't split.



This one is the closest imitator of cow’s milk. It is produced from milled rice and water and is the least allergenic of all milk products, making it the go-to for those with lactose or nut allergies.

Verdict: It’s definitely for those who aren’t sweet enough – the flavour of this one is much sweeter than the others. We found the appearance thin and a little watery but overall a good combination.



Not to be confused with the tinned stuff used for thai green curries, this cartoned milk is a bit of a Marmite. Packed with essential fats, we’ve all seen coconut in some shape or form in countless super food blogs. But is it a tea’s best friend? Yay and Nay.

Verdict: We love the flavour of the milk, but it is strong and overpowering, and we prefer our tea to taste like tea, not to be dominated by another flavour.



Nut milks are high in vitamins and other nutrients. Both almond and cashew milk have a rich, creamy and, you guessed it, nutty flavour.

Verdict: Top marks go to Cashew milk. It’s the most convincing “milk milk” and it doesn’t thin nor overpower your tea.


Switch up your cuppa routine and create more variety with these udderless alternatives.

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