Is your takeaway cup compostable?

Is your takeaway cup compostable?

Are takeaway cups recyclable in the UK?

Unfortunately only 1% of the 2.5 BILLION takeaway cups thrown away in the UK every year are recycled. Us Brits contribute to 7 million takeaway cups thrown away every day, sadly even though most are made out of paper they have a waterproof plastic lining making them impossible to recycle.

What about We Are Tea cups?

Lucky for us and the environment our takeaway cups from London Bio Packaging biodegrade into compost. Yep, lid and all.

Made from sustainable forest paper with a bio-plastic lining these cups help tackle the war on waste and takeaway cup pile-up. We pass these on at cost to our cafes and restaurants to try and inspire compostable cups to become the norm!

What are bio plastics? 

Bio-plastics are made from plants unlike regular plastics that are made from oil.

Unlike oil based plastics which can take stick around in our environment for millions of years, bio plastics are renewable and can biodegrade completely within 12 weeks. The carbon footprint of bio-plastic is therefore much lower than petroleum based plastics. The production of bio plastics produces 60% less greenhouse gases and uses 50% less non-renewable energy than traditional plastics like PET. 

I've finished my tea, where should I dispose of my takeaway cup?

Amazingly you can dispose of the cup and lid with your food waste and have everything collected together to be taken to a composting facility where they will biodegrade into compost in under 12 weeks. We recommend checking with your local council first to see that food waste goes to composting facility. If they don't you can compost it at home. We are popping our cups into our garden compost bin and recording the findings, watch this space!

Where can I find you compostable takeaway cups?

Keep an eye out for our cups out and about at cafes that sell our tea and snap us your pics with #guiltfreesipping.  

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