Oolong. The long (and short) of it.

Oolong. The long (and short) of it.

Oo-what? You’re not alone if you’ve never heard of an Oolong before. So, we’re here to give you a brief introduction. Let’s get technical. You may be surprised, but Oolong tea actually comes from the same plant as both Green and Black teas.

But (and it’s a big but), there is a key difference, which is how it is manufactured. Unlike Blacks, which are fully oxidised, and Greens, which are not at all, Oolong is oxidised from anywhere between 8% and 85%. This is why it flaunts so may different textures and flavours. Got your attention? Read on.

Although there are lots of varieties, Oolongs can be split into two categories. “Jade” coloured Oolongs, mostly produced in Taiwan, are closer to the Green teas. But they’re so much more sophisticated than Greens. These beauties taste fresh and bright with more floral and buttery undertones.

Darker Oolong teas originate from China’s Wuyi moutains. Their aroma is more full-bodied, roasted and nutty. Fun Fact of the day: “Oolong” actually translates to “Black Dragon”: Apparently the leaves resemble little black dragons. Moving oolong..

But Oolong doesn’t just taste sublime. It is pretty spectacular in what it can do for you too.

 1. Want an itty bitty waist? Mix-a-lot of Oolong in your diet.

 Oolong has been long associated with weight loss. The specific polyphenols, called catechisms, and caffeine work together as the ultimate dream team which boost your metabolism and help keep lean body mass.

 2. Oolong; it’s got your back (or more so, your immune system)

 Oolong acts as a wonder vaccine. Its abundance of antioxidants help prevent cellular damage and supports a healthy immune system. A win-win.

 3. Strong and shiny

 Oolong tea makes you strong. Your bones retain their mineral density with Oolong tea, protecting them and helping to prevent against osteoporosis. It does wonders for your gnashers too, as Oolong protects against acids and bacteria growth. Grab a cup of Oolong and smile, because you’re worth it.

 4. Hairy Mary

 Ditch the TreSemmé once in a while and give your hair a wash with Oolong tea leaves. More antioxidants (they keep coming), and for hair this means your locks will become that much more luscious.

 5. Tummy trouble?

 Drink Oolong if you’re feeling a bit uncomfortable. It targets the bad bacteria in your gut and stops the growth of pathogens. It has been proven to reduce bowel inflammation related to colitis, ulcer and Crohn’s disease.

6. Keeps the brain ticking

Next time you think of grabbing a coffee to battle that slump after your Meal Deal, don’t. You don’t want to crash. Go for Oolong instead for a steady release of energy and in mental alertness.

Surely there’s a catch..?

If Oolong is such royal-tea, why is it lesser known? We’re being honest: Yes, Oolong costs more than your average tea. But you’re paying for quali-tea. And if you need more convincing re-read the above.

Guide me!

Simple. Just check out our Mountain Pearl or Iron Buddha and start tasting and believing.

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