Mental Health Awareness Day. Why less is more, with Fiona Moss

Mental Health Awareness Day. Why less is more, with Fiona Moss

Ahead of Mental Health Awareness Day we spoke to Fiona Moss, a leading health and life coach who supports people who feel ‘stuck’ to rise up from low self-esteem and overcome periods of stress and burnout. 

The biggest mistake to living the life you want - doing too much. Why less is more, by Fiona Moss. 

We all think that going at 1,000,000mph, is how we get anything done. Why wouldn’t you? You look around at extremely successful people and they are back to back every single day, running around like a mad person. No doubt you are doing the same, trying to achieve by doing everything for everyone, being everywhere, saying yes to everything at work and at home and for friends. But I can imagine that there is something in these ‘extremely successful’ people’s lives which they aren’t achieving, a goal which is eluding them, something they want but feel like they can’t have. 

They are just like you. Life is just a constant, rapid fire to do list and there is just ‘no time’ to achieve what you want.

But how is this going for you? No doubt you're not achieving exactly what you want. No doubt you aren’t being very productive. I imagine as well that you don’t feel particularly happy, or calm but rather anxious, stressed, overwhelmed.

Well maybe it’s time to consider that going at this pace isn’t getting you where you want to be. Maybe actually doing more, isn’t helping you to progress, to succeed. And maybe its the reason you don’t feel as healthy and as happy as you want to feel.

In the modern day world you are running on red alert all the time, wearing many hats, trying to be everywhere, be everything, trying to be perfect everyday. But actually going at this pace isn’t just stopping you from achieving more, its putting your body under significant stress affecting you not just mentally, but physically and causing you complete undue pressure. If you want more, if you want to achieve more, whether that’s personally or professionally, you need to slow down, you need to allow our bodies and our minds time to calm down. If you spend too much time stressed, running off adrenaline, you will significantly upset the balance in your body and eventually you will need to rebuild and make radical changes to reboot. 

But imagine if you spent only 30 minutes every day to organise, to plan, to prepare, to think, to have some down time, what affect this would have on you and for you. You wouldn’t have to spend days having to go back through things because everything is always in order, you wouldn’t have to have a ‘well-needed’ weekend away because you would feel balanced all the time. How much calmer would that make you feel? How much happier? How would that affect your mind? How would that allow you to organise yourself and actually how much would that give you clarity to move forward?

See, this is a long game and you need to play it. 

Slowing down can be difficult especially in our busy world, but it is imperative. 

So what are 3 key things you can start doing right now:


At the beginning of every week, create a plan for that week ahead; plan your meals, order your food, book your gym classes, know exactly what you are doing every day that week so that you can open up more time throughout the week. Imperatively plan in time for you, for calm, to relax, to think, to do nothing, to slow down,  to have some space to address where you are and to help you move forward.

Say no and do less

Stop feeling like you need to say yes to everyone. Value your time. Value your well-being. Value your own life and your goals. Prioritise yourself over the demands of others and give yourself that time and space to plan and to organise.

Habit building 

Address your habits, what habits do you have that aren’t helping you, which are unnecessarily absorbing your time, which are stressing you out, which are stopping you from achieving more. Understand what the association is to that habit, challenge it and consciously build a new one.

Fiona Moss is a leading health and life coach supporting women who feel ‘stuck’ to rise up from low self esteem and overcome periods of stress and burnout. She helps them to build back up their self-worth, grow their confidence and by teaching them the importance of putting themselves first she helps them go from stuck to limitless.

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