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Sleep Tea bags
Sleep Tea bags We Are Tea sleep super tea chamomile lavender rose holy basil caffeine-free tea Sleep Tea bags Sleep Tea bags

Sleep Tea bags

Catch some Zzzs – the best tea to help you sleep. There aren't many things that a good night's sleep...

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Catch some Zzzs – the best tea to help you sleep.

There aren't many things that a good night's sleep can't fix, so we created this ultimate night time blend to help you along the way. Settle your mind, sink into your pillow and let this caffeine free tea melt the pressure away. No sheep counting required!

This ones a winner of a Great Taste Award!

How to make the perfect herbal tea? Infuse in freshly drawn boiled water for 3 to 4 minutes.

Fun fact: stop your gadgets from keeping you up at night by having screen free time before settling down to sleep. The blue light given off by LED screens on laptops, tablets & phones can slow down the production of melatonin (this is the hormone that tells our body and brain it’s time to sleep – it’s the same reason that jet lag and flying over time zones messes up our body clock!)

Ingredientschamomile, lavender, rose, holy basil.

Chamomile tea has high levels of powerful antioxidants & works at relaxing the muscles in the body by soothing the nervous system, calming muscle spasms and helping you to relax in the evening. It can also be commonly used to relieve low level stress induced anxiety and help to reduce cortisol in the body.

Lavender is a wonder herb used for its sleep inducing qualities as well as being a well-known stress reliever in aromatherapy. According to a study at Southampton University, lavender was shown to increase your sleep quality by 20%.

Rose contains high amounts of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant. When used aromatically, rose calms and soothes the mind. There have been studies to show that the oil extracted from rose petals can induce sleep and calm the mind.

Holy basil is different to the basil we grow in our garden. A natural substance that helps your body adapt to stress, promotes mental balance and improve sleep quality. It can be used to lower elevated cortisol and regulate blood sugar.

Our resealable pouches contain 12 biodegradable plastic free pyramid tea bags.

My worst nightmare, you’re out of stock!

Tea monsters, don’t fret if you find we’re out of stock, drop us an email at and we’ll let you know when this delicious tea is back in stock. It is also available at OcadoMorrisons, and Holland and Barrett.

Guilt-free sipping

At We Are Tea, we're on a mission to bring the highest quality tea to the masses in a way that everyone can be proud of. Our blends are ethically sourced via the Ethical Tea Partnership which works on facilitating strategic sustainability projects, rigorous health and safety standards, and increasing farmer's resilience to climate change.

Our plastic free tea bags are made from soilon, a bi-product of corn starch which can fully biodegrade under the correct conditions in 3 – 6 months. 

We call this guilt-free sipping, and it's tea-rrific.

Everyday Good

Our functional tea range takes a refreshingly no-nonsense, need-state-led approach to health and wellbeing. Staying clear of food fads and diets, the philosophy behind the Super Teas is that small, everyday changes can make a real, long-lasting difference. This could be taking the stairs instead of the escalator, walking instead of driving or switching out your morning cup of strong coffee for a delicious mug of Sleep, Soothe, Cleanse, Protect or Alert. Each herbal tea has a combination of carefully selected ingredients to help give your body and immune system that extra boost. Staying healthy has never been easier or tasted so good!

Our Super Tea range: shop our caffeine free teas ProtectSootheAlert & Cleanse

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