Simplicitea Infuser

Simplicitea Infuser

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Loose leaf's trusty companion 

Simplicitea™ infuser is the must-have accessory for loose leaf tea fans. Watch the beautiful tea leaves dance as they release their wonderful flavours. 

Simplicitea brews the perfect cup of tea each and every time. No fuss. No mess. No more excuses. So go on, get loose...

How it works?
As with all great magic acts, the simplicitea™ infuser has a trick. There is a mechanism under the infuser that allows the tea to decant into containers from teacup to teapot of diameter up to 10.3cm. It can contain up to 12oz, which would serve a full large mug, one teapot, or two full tea cups - whether you want to share your tea or not.

How to clean?
After brewing and draining tea, empty the tea leaves from infuser, rinse and allow to dry. After several uses, you can handwash or dishwash the infuser. The strainer can even be removed to enable a more thorough clean.

Food grade, BPA-free plastic container.

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