White Peony Loose Leaf Tea

White Peony Loose Leaf Tea

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Summer in a cup.

Fresh, mellow with hints of melon, White Peony tea is full-bodied. It is composed of the tea bud and two lower leaves. 

Great if you fancy a summer party body refresh.


 White Peony is produced in the Fujian Province of Eastern China. During the manufacture of Ying Zhen (Silver Needle), freshly plucked tea buds are laid on to large blankets in the sun to wither and dry naturally. Once the leaf has withered enough, it is sorted into just three grades: First is the pure bud, needle like in appearance, classed as Ying Zhen (Silver Needle), secondly is a mixture of bud and large leaf classed as Pai Mu Tan (White Peony) and finally the remaining leaf Shou Mei (Longevity Eyebrow). The liquor of Pai Mu Tan is light and delicate with a slightly stronger nutty character than you would find with Ying Zhen.

The perfect cup

Step 1: Use one teaspoon per cup.
Step 2: Use freshly drawn boiled water, which has been allowed to cool to 80ºC (approximately 3 minutes)
Step 3: Infuse for 2 to 3 minutes according to personal taste.
Step 4: Pop a sombrero on, Summer has arrived. 

Each box contains 37.5g of loose leaf tea 

Ethical Tea Partnership

Facilitating strategic sustainability projects, rigorous health and safety standards and increasing farmer’s resilience to climate change, this partnership makes us who we are.  

The Environment

We use 100% biodegradable corn starch whole-leaf teabags. Additionally, we supply our B2B customers with compostable takeaway cups from London Bio Packaging. Our tea is also totally free of genetically modified (GM) organisms.  


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